Championing Workers' Rights and Fair Practices

Our grievance committees are dedicated to ensuring justice and equity for all members of IAM Local Lodge 1487.

Understanding Our Mission

About Our Grievance Committees

The grievance committees of Union Local Lodge 1487-IAMAW are committed to addressing and resolving workplace disputes. Our primary goal is to advocate for fair treatment and uphold the rights of our members. Through diligent investigation and negotiation, we strive to create a harmonious work environment where every member feels valued and heard.

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Grievance Handling

Learn about the process of filing and resolving grievances within our union.


Member Support

Discover the various support services available to our members.


Negotiation Strategies

Understand the strategies we employ to negotiate fair terms and conditions.


Conflict Resolution

Explore our methods for resolving conflicts amicably and effectively.


Training Programs

Workshops & Seminars

Attend our workshops and seminars to enhance your knowledge and skills.


Legal Assistance

Access legal advice and representation for workplace issues.


Health & Safety

Learn about our initiatives to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.


Community Outreach

Get involved in our community programs and make a positive impact.


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Document Library

Access important documents and resources for union members.



Find answers to frequently asked questions about our grievance process.


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