Retirees Club

Local Lodge 1487 of the I.A.M.A.W. offers members to join their Unions Retiree Club. This group of members have been meeting for decades at Local Lodge1487, 50 West Oakton Street, Des Plaines, IL 60018 at 11:00am on the first Thursday of each month.

Their are currently over 400 retired members and spouses belonging to the club and regularly over 100 of them attending the monthly event.

Each month offers a different lunch theme which can include: Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joes, Brown Bag day, Meet and Eat (bring assigned food to share) or speciality lunch such as pizza, asian, summer picnic catered to please and the very popular Christmas/Holiday Party in December which is held at an assigned banquet hall. (some events may require a small extra fee to offset the cost).

The current membership includes faces from airlines past and present such as TWA, Eastern, Northwest, Ozark, Braniff, United Airlines, Southwest, British Airways, US Airways and many others.

The annual membership is just $10.00 per year. (Spouses or friends are welcomed for additional fee of $10.00)

This is a great way to stay in contact with many past friends and a way to make many new ones.

Please, join YOUR unions retirees club today and remember what you had fought so hard for that those memories are never forgotten.

Send your payment of just $10.00 per person to: (Payable to “Local Lodge 1487 Retirees Club)
Local Lodge 1487 Retirees Club
50 West Oakton Street
Des Plaines, IL 60018

For further information contact the Local Lodge at 847-299-8144.