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District 141 Referendum vote date change

As previously posted, the scheduled District Lodge 1487 referendum vote has been postponed until December 4, 2015. Please read the following information in the link for detail. the notice for Local Lodge 1487 Date, Time and Location is on the home page and can also be found in the Local Lodge 1487 Bulletin Boards and Local Lodge 1487 Facebook page.

Please click on link below for important information concerning the District  Lodge 141 bylaw referendum vote.

141 ref 2015

District Lodge 141 Referendum Vote

District Lodge 141 Referendum Vote

October 31, 2015

District Lodge 141 Referendum Vote

Date: December 4, 2015

Time:  06:00-08:00am AND 06:00-08:00pm

Voting Location: Local Lodge 1487 / 50 West Oakton Street Des Plaines, IL 60018

The District Lodge 141 Bylaws state in Article XII, Section 7 “Said meeting to be held in regular meeting place of the Local Lodge and no other place and time. The Bylaws also state in Section 10 “Provisions must be made to accommodate members who are working night shifts in order that all will have an opportunity to record their vote”.

District Lodge 141 received dispensation from the International I order to resolve the seemingly contradictory provision within the Bylaws, and in an effort to enable maximum participation without disenfranchising any members, District Lodge 141 will conduct the referendum vote as follows:

  1. From 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm Local Lodge time, it will not be at the Local Lodge meeting and;
  2. All Local Lodges would conduct the vote on the same day, December 4, 2015.

 Any questions please contact me Tuesday-Thursday 8:00-3:30, 847-299-8144 or e-mail             

Click on link to review proposals:  7bylawproposal2015-2

Fraternally, David Roderick

Recording Secretary, LL 1487

President Mike Klemm Visit 1487

October 6, 2015 District Lodge 141 newly appointed President Directing General Chair Mike Klemm made a station visit and attend Local Lodge 1487 regular business meeting, if you were unable to attend you missed one of the first opportunities to meet President Klemm. (don’t tell me you did not know of a meeting, they are the first Tuesday at 3:00pm and the Third Tuesday at 9:30am of each month, they have not changed. The meetings a also posted in every builtin board in every work area, and on our website, )
He introduced himself to the membership and spoke on the state of the membership concerns and that the IAMAW is moving forward.
Next year within the first quarter, District Lodge 141 will will requesting contract proposals for all classifications and is optimistic that the negotiation committees will take your proposals and fight for the best contract possible.
He thanked the previous District 141 Leadership who has mentored him and has placed him into a position with confidence to oversee all of the battles the Union has been fighting through the years.
President Klemm stayed after the meeting to meet and speak to the members who were present and heard their concerns.
Local Lodge 1487 Executive Board congratulates President Klemm and has the most confidence for him to continue to lead our Union with the same positive strength and solidarity as our past Leaders have fought.
This is not a time for us to fight our union, but a time for us to come together, move forward and get our strength back!
There is strength in numbers, we have the numbers on our side, we have to come together and fight as ONE!
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