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I speak for the entire Executive Board of Local Lodge 1487 when I say, it is an honor to serve the members of Chicago. We will take on this task with only the best interests of the membership in mind. We will strive to make sure all members have an equal voice in the decisions made, no matter what work group you may belong too; We are all members of Local Lodge 1487. We as IAM members will face various challenges in the future. I have no doubt with an educated, involved, and informed membership we can meet those challenges head on.

Mark Frisch
IAM Local Lodge 1487

Our Executive Board’s philosophy will be to provide an open and honest administration; while always focusing on the membership of Local Lodge 1487. We will pride ourselves on being fair, transparent, easily accessible and consistent. All members of Local Lodge 1487 are encouraged to be active and participate in all activities of our lodge. When, we stand together in unity and solidarity we become a force that is strong and unstoppable.

Darlene Williams
Vice President
IAM Local Lodge 1487