Below are some of the pics of the IAMAW students and staff  during the “Train the Trainer program offered through the William W. Winpisinger center in Hollywood, MD.

This is on of so many very important learning classes which is paid by with the help of your dues dollars. This is the best of the best advancing their knowledge to better assist the Officers, Members, Retirees and others throughout the community to better explain the purpose and need for a strong union to keep our Country  stronger by protecting the security of American jobs, safety in the work place, better pay and an unlimited amount of benefits which you do not see in the average non-union work environment.

These instructors know their stuff! Their knowledge of keeping the students involved makes the learning process easy to comprehend.

This particular group of students excelled in not only absorbing new information to pass on but also shared personal experiences which allowed for open discussion for others to benefit.    Hope you enjoy the pics from some of the highlights.