Union Awareness at CHIRR – Tuesday February 21, 2017

The Chicago Reservations Office (Committee-Susan Adams, Stewards-Deena Peña (also LL1487 Trustee), Michelle Sherrier, April Walker, Mary Rose and Sheila Peck hosted a visit with LL1487 Officers (Tony Licciardi-LL1487 President, Leonard Ursitti-LL1487 Vice President, Greg Klujewski-LL1487 Recording Secretary) and Laura Stone-AGC to meet and greet the members on Tuesday February 21, 2017.  Union Awareness promotes the great benefits of being a Union member and provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the newly elected board of LL1487. This marks the first time LL1487 Officers have visited the Chicago Reservations office. The members asked questions about the contract and the local as well as picking up printed information for future reference.

L-R =  Laura Stone-AGC and Tony Licciardi-LL1487 President, Susan Adams-CHIRR Committee person and Greg Klujewski-LL1487 Recording Secretary



L-R= Tony Licciardi-LL1487 President and Tom Renville-Manager at Chicago Reservations Center


L-R = Susan Adams-CHIRR Committee person, Michelle Sherrier-Union Steward, Laura Stone-AGC and Tony Licciardi-LL1487 President