Thanksgiving Day Meals Bring Families and Friends Together

Our Women’s Committee provided a complete Thanksgiving Day meal to several families in our local community of Elk Grove Village, IL. The committee partnered with the school district to locate several families who were in need of help to provide the family meal.

For many of us holiday meals are a tradition handed down through the generations. This is the season to gather together with our family and friends and form stronger bonds with each other.  This is also a time to meet around the dinner table eating, laughing, sharing and telling stories.

This time of the year can be very challenging for many families with limited resources. Stresses of the holiday season can make this shared time unenjoyable.

Local 1487 members in support of the Women’s Committee joined together to collect the necessary food items to provide a meal. Items collected included turkey, dressing and all of the fixings including the cranberry sauce and dessert.

Members who were unable to shop had the option of a monetary donation and the shopping was completed for them. What a great idea to allow all members to participate. Donations were dropped off at the I.A.M.A.W. LL1487 Union Hall at 50 Oakton St., Elk Grove Village, IL.

As we continue through this holiday season may we all look for opportunities to be of service. This was a great way to show our community IAM members care.