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Cars Made in America

Chevy Equinox-headquarters in Motor City, U.S.A. 17.5 points docked for parts sourced overseas came in the SUV’s body, chassis, and electrical works.

Cadillac ATS-GM, About a third of its body, chassis, and electrical components.

Ford Taurus-GM, losing the full 17.5 on its foreign-sourced body and electrical parts as well as its chassis.

Ford F-150-headquarters in Dearborn, MI, About one third of the F-150’s body, chassis, and electrical gear comes from outside the U.S.,

Ford Explorer-headquarters in Dearborn, MI, interior and body parts that come from outside the U.S.

Ford Expedition-headquarters in Dearborn, MI, About one third of its body and chassis components come from overseas.

GMC Savana, foreign-sourced transmission and interior/chassis components

GMC Canyon-Everything except some body, interior, and electrical parts is done in U.S.

Chevy Express- Express does not have a transmission made in the U.S.

Chevrolet Colorado-Points deducted come from foreign-sourced body and electrical components used on the midsize Chevy pickup.

GMC Acadia-Acadia, the SUV had everything American going for it other than 25% of its body, electrical, interior, and chassis components.

Chevrolet Traverse-Losing 12.5 point on the foreign elements of its chassis, interior, and electrical components.

Cadillac CTS-87.5 score on the Made in America Auto Index.

Buick Enclave-Enclave’s foreign-sourced elements in the body and chassis.

Chevrolet Corvette-Everything about the Corvette is American except one-third of its body, chassis, and interior parts.

Looking for the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger, those icons of American muscle? While Mustang tied for 10th overall (77.5), Camaro was way down on the list, tied for 24th (66.5). Challenger, tied for 35th place, just qualifies as American at 57.5 points. Challenger SXT (43.5) and RT plus (36.5) are more like foreign cars.