The executive board of local lodge 1487 wanted to do a year end recap of our first year in office.

Local Lodge 1487 hosted two bowling outings, a car show at the local lodge and the return of the golf outing. All these outings brought together every work group that Local Lodge 1487 serves. Words can’t express how happy we were with the turnout for these events. All proceeds raised from these events benefited worthwhile causes such as Guide Dogs of America, MNPL and the IAM Disaster Relief fund. We plan on doing even more events for our members in 2018.

Local Lodge 1487 assembled a Community Service Committee in 2017. The Community Service Committee helped coordinate supplying school supplies for in need children to local schools in the Des Plaines area. Also the community service committee provided Christmas gifts to the Connections for Abused Women and their Children shelter. We are looking to add members who are dedicated and have a passion for helping people in need. Please see any member of the executive board to express your interest in joining the Community Service Committee.

Local Lodge 1487s executive board assessed the building and committed to remodeling the kitchen in the local lodge. The hall is rented almost every weekend to the membership. We found this to be an easy decision to improve the facility. Members who have rented said it was the best improvement they have seen in a long time. A new HVAC system for the main hall was installed in 2017 replacing the original unit. While improving the facility can be costly, the executive board thought this was necessary. The local lodge is still sound financially despite major improvements to the building.

Vice President Leonard Ursitti and Recording Secretary Greg Klujewski were given a list one week into their positions of over 100 ramp service members and 20 customer service agents that were not paying dues from 2013 to 2016. We are proud to say, due to their relentless efforts, that list is down to 30 members on the ramp. Vice President Leonard Ursitti was successful in initiating every member of customer service that was not on dues check off. Greg will finish what he started going into the New Year when the 30 members remaining return from leave.

In closing, the executive board of Local Lodge 1487 is proud to serve the membership and would love to hear back from members on what more we can do to serve the members. We ask every member to attend business meetings, check the union boards on the field, check Facebook postings for updates and get more involved with your union.

Happy New Year!
President: Tony Licciardi Vice President: Leonard Ursitti
Financial Secretary Treasurer: Mike Finn Recording Secretary: Greg Klujewski
Trustees: Deena Pena Laraine Brooks Tyner Sam Gonzalez
Conductor Sentinel: Rosario Licciardi