Local Lodge 1487 Election of Officers took place on December 6, 2016. We would like to thank all the tellers and members which participated as always during this election.

The process has always been strictly enforced from the beginning of the posting and mailing of the information, receiving, researching and processing the absentee ballots, the selection of tellers by the Local Lodge President, picking up the absentee ballots from the secure P.O. process which allows us to only pick up the absentees by requesting them through a postal employee just before the closing of the election in the present of a teller or observer, the hard work that the head teller has always preformed in examining the challenged and absentee ballots to assure they are justifiably acceptable for the count and the long process of all tellers in the counting process.

Through this process Local Lodge 1487 has always believed any elections are handled with the fullest accuracy from the GL and DOL guidelines.

And we thank the membership for their continued support to come out and vote, your voting power is what keeps this democratic process moving our union forward. Every vote counts you should be proud that your voice has spoken.

Thanks again and congratulation to the Executive Board of Local Lodge 1487 during the term beginning January 1, 2017.img_7796-2