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Legislative Conference 2016

May 8-12, 2016 the annual Legislative conference was held in Washington D.C.

This is the time of the year which elected officials are in session and the IAMAW affiliated in every IAMAW company throughout the organization lobbies on Capitol Hill to meet with our respected Representatives to strongly encourage them to support the American Workers Labor concerns. These constant issues change year after year and it is vital that the IAMAW and other unions and American workers continue to inform the politicians which were elected by the people and work for the people to give us their dedicated support. We the IAMAW and other Labor groups constantly give support to these officials in many different ways which contributes to them becoming elected. If they expect us to help them, we expect them to help us.
Some of the issues we spoke to our Representatives include:
     H.R. 5090 Deny Norwegian Air International Access to the U.S Aviation Market, Urging the Senate to hold a hearing and schedule a vote on the Confirmation of the President’s Nominee to the Supreme Court, the Full Repeal of the Health Care Excise Tax, Preserve Retirement Security, NO Trans-Pacific Partnership “Free Trade” Agreement (TPP), Assaults on Customer Service Representatives, Flight Crew Fatigue and many others.

Many speakers during this conference get invited and many attend based on their schedule, speakers this year including speakers from the IAMAW Grand Lodge include:
       Hassan Solomon IAMAW Legislative, Sherrod Brown Senator Ohio, Richard Blumethal Senator Connecticut,  Mark Schneider IAM Legal Department as General Counsel, Randy Erwin (NFFE) National Federation of Federal Employees, Cory Booker Senator New Jersey, Rick De la Fuente IAMAW Legislative, Adam Smith Congress Washington, John Garamendi Congress California, Keith Ellison Congress Minnesota, Debbie Dingell Congress Michigan, Marc Veasey Congress Texas, Bennie Thompson Congress Mississippi, Ben Ray Lujan Congress New Mexico, Diane Babineaux GVP Grand Lodge, Sito Pantoja GVP Grand Lodge and others.

The conference concluded by UNIONS participating in a protest in front of the White House to let President Obama know that H.R. 5090 Deny Norwegian Air International Access to the U.S Aviation Market is a bad idea for America and will only generate safety concerns for this airline, and will gain an unfair advantage and beating down the workers’ rights, wages and benefits, this would allow other U.S. aviation markers and other airlines to follow and cutthroat competition.

Attached are pictures of some the speakers and events which took place during the conference.


Here is a Video Report from IAMAW Local Lodge 914 member Ines Garcia Keim on the IAMAW 2016 Legislation Conference in Washington DC that concluded yesterday May 12, 2016






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TPP: The Next Big Free Trade Mistake?

The IAM joins labor in bringing the secretly-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement out from the shadows.

TPP is poised to become the biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA. Like the deeply-flawed NAFTA, TPP promises job growth – but will instead export thousands of U.S. jobs to low-wage countries. The TPP is a step backwards for labor and human rights and threatens health, safety and environmental standards.

An agreement on the TPP was announced in October, 2015. Congress will review the TPP but will not be able to amend it in any way. After review, they must vote to either accept or reject it. Between the announcement of the agreement and the final vote, IAM members are urged to make their voices heard and put pressure on Congress to reject this disastrous trade deal. 


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