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Know Your EAP Rep

Reva Meadows Local Lodge 1487 EAP United Airlines-Chicago

Reva Meadows
Local Lodge 1487 EAP
United Airlines-Chicago

Reva Meadows

Reva Meadows has been involved with EAP for 12 years from Local Lodge 1487. She is employed with United Airlines and works Midnight’s at ORD.

On June 22, 2016, Reva attended an EAP training seminar at Local Lodge 1487 at that time we were able to speak with her and discuss her involvement as an EAP rep.

Reva has always actively participated in social activities outside of the work place, these activities include her love of nature, animals, hiking, outdoor sports and spending time with family and friends.

Reva has observed that they are so many people who have personal obstacles in their lives and do not know where or who to turn. Through seeing the need to help other she became involved with the Employee Assistance Program through the IAMAW. She has attended many seminars and training through the years which included joint training seminars and EAP classes offered through the IAMAW’s William W. Winpisinger Center located in Maryland. These classes and training have allowed her to be up to date with the most current information to better assist her co-workers or others in need.

She commented on the June 22nd training that the speakers were very passionate of what they do and that it was very informative hearing so many different speakers on different topics.

Reva is very appreciative that she has been a part of EAP in the workplace, this allows her to assist those who just do not know who or where to turn.   

Reva added that she believes that most co-workers do understand the importance of a Union EAP in the workplace, it allows those who need assistance to seek out a person they feel comfortable with prior to speaking to someone they may not know.  An EAP rep is there to give guidance and lead them into direction to find assistance.

It is very important that people are able to find help from any source and added she would hope that there is always assistance for those in need.        


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