EAP Training

Midwest & Florida IAM/EAP Training 

June 22, 2016 the Employee Assistance Program hosted a training seminar at Local Lodge 1487.

IAM/EAP Local Lodge 1487  Committee Chair & Midwest/Florida Region District 141 Region Representative Mark Sanderson organized the event. 

This seminar included many speakers on different topics, which included, introductions from the staff and attendees who traveled throughout the United States.

Speakers and topics included Mark Sanderson, welcoming the class, also Kara Moonan-Director of Business Development (CBH) who provided   information on resources from the Chicago Behavioral Health center, Steve Ruohomaki -LCSW – CBH on Substance Abuse & Veterans, Linzi Swisher LCWS – CBH and Cindy DeMarco LCWS – CBH on Older Adult Care Concerns/Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Cicely Johnson LCSW – CBH speaking on Domestic Violence. Wrapping up with plans for the future, answering questions, from Local Chair and Regional Rep Mark Sanderson, District 141 UAL EAP Chairman Kathy Ferguson, and District 141 EAP Director Bryan Hutchinson.   

This program was very well put together and the attendees stated that it was very informative and brought new insight to these important concerns.

The group had a nice lunch provided by Chicago Behavioral Health, this time also allowed everyone in attendance to mingle and discuss the concerns that faces people thought out the industry.

This is just one of the many important EAP events held each year. The Employee Assistance Program is available to anyone requesting assistance including retireed members who face many challenges.

If you or someone you know is in need of any assistance contact your EAP rep, or seek help or guidance by locating an EAP Rep,  your Local Lodge, Shop Stewards or employer. All conversation are kept confidential.

If you are in need or immediate assistance and do not know who to contact,  please call 911.

You are not alone there someone nearby to help you