2019 Nominations Update

Update from today’s nomination session during the regular local lodge 1487 Business Meeting.
Local Lodge 1487 Executive Board. Three year term.   All unopposed.   
President – Tony Licciardi
Vice President – Len Ursitti
Secretary Treasurer – Mike Finn
Recording Secretary – Greg Klujewski
Trustees – Deena Pena, Laraine Brooks Tyner and Sam Gonzalez
Conductor Sentinel – Rosario Licciardi
Auditors – Cheryl Taylor, Mike Mechenbier and Vince Taylor
United Airlines Ramp and Realted Committee.
Committee Chair Brother Craig Krzewina,   Committeeman Brother Mike Cinfio and Committee Secretary Brother Joe Deccliss. Three year term. Nomination unopposed.
United Airlines Reservation Committee person.
Sister Susan Adams. Three year term. Nomination unopposed.   
United Airlines Passenger Service (Public Contact) Committee person will have an election on December 3rd, 2019. Sister Tricia Gaughan and Sister Darlene Williams were nominated.
United Airlines Stores Committee person.
Brother Chris Olmstead. Three year term. Nomination unopposed.
United Airlines Procedure Instructor Committee person. Sister Grace Spilotro Razny. Nomination unopposed.   Three year term.
United Airlines Maintenance Instructors.
Brother Dave Stege. Nomination unopposed.   Three year term.
United Airlines Centralized Load Planners.
Brother Harry Saalfeld.   Nomination unopposed.   Three year term.
American Airlines Fleet Service Committee person.
Mike Callahan.   Nomination unopposed.   Three year term.
District Lodge 142
Southwest Res Shop Stewards.   Three year term.   All unopposed.
Southwest Customer Service Shop Stewards.   Three year term. All unopposed.   
American Airlines Maintenance Committee person.   Brother Steve Teike. Nomination unopposed.   Three year term.   
In solidarity,
Greg Klujewski
Local Lodge 1487
Recording Secretary